A73 Piano Station



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Hot keys

There are a few hot keys defined for quick access to various functions. Select Hot Keys in the Help menu to display them.

Sustain pedal
The [Space] key emulates the effect of a sustain pedal for the lead instrument. If held down, the sound will be sustained.

Shift octave
Press the [Page Up] and [Page Down] keys on the PC keyboard to shift the lead instrument one or two octaves up and down, respectively.

Switch on/off A, B, C tones
Activate/deactivate the A, B, C tones of the lead instrument by using the [F1], [F2], [F3] keys.

Shift QWERTY keys assignment
You can shift the assignment of the [Q], [W], [E], etc. keys on your PC keyboard one or two octaves in order to be able to play higher notes on the virtual piano keyboard.

Start/stop bass
Press [F9] to start the bass part of the accompaniment. Press [F9] again to stop it.

Start/stop rhythm
Press [F10] to start the rhythm part of the accompaniment. Press [F10] again to stop it.

Exit dialog/application
Press [Esc] to quit a dialog box or the application.