A73 Piano Station



Master panel
Lead panel
Base panel
Station menu
Record menu
Hot keys


Master panel

The MASTER panel contains fundamental controls, like volume faders for mixing your song, the recorder controls and also the octave shift function.

Adjusts the main output volume of the synthesizer.

Mutes the synthesizer.

Adjusts the volume of the lead sound. The lead sound is any combination of the A, B, C tones. Separate volumes for the A, B, C tones can be changed on the settings page of the main display.

Adjusts the volume of the accompaniment bass and chords. All of the accompaniment, excluding the drums, is affected by this slider.

Adjusts the volume of the drum machine (i.e. the drum part of the accompaniment).

Click this button to start, then click again to stop recording. Click the Play button to hear your recording. If satisfied, save your work by selecting Save As... from the Record menu.

If you have recorded something, you can play it back by clicking this button. Click again to stop playing.

The recording function provided by A73 is a simple and quick solution to record your ideas, it serves as a sketchpad. It is important to understand that during recording no actual sound is captured, but the different events like hitting a piano key or adjusting a volume slider (similar to MIDI events) are captured. During playback, these events are processed by the synthesizer in order to render the actual sound output. This has several implications: a) there is no degradation in the sound quality, b) files storing A73 recordings are conveniently very small (10-100 times smaller than equivalent uncompressed wav files), and c) the actual sound depends on the actual midi output device (when listening to a recording on different computers that may have different midi output devices installed, the actual sound may differ as well).