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A73 Piano Station transforms your PC into an advanced and fun to play virtual piano, synthesizer, or even a band. Play piano or other instruments on your computer using your mouse and computer keyboard, no special hardware is needed.

Play your favorite music or enjoy your own creations for a truly different type of recreation and relaxation. Play it live at a birthday party, create a Christmas performance, use it anywhere and anytime when traveling with your laptop.

Do you want to have more fun in your piano lessons? Try A73 Piano Station and see how it develops your musicality in a highly enjoyable way. Due to its simple design, this virtual piano is also a perfect creative gift for musical children.

Play 128 instruments, from clarinet to electric guitar, from harp to synth sounds. Select up to three instruments for simultaneous play to create new, unheard sound effects. Use parallel arpeggio effects to enrich your playing.

Switch on the drum machine, add bass and chord accompaniment to your melody with just a few clicks. Accompaniment styles range from jazz to dream dance, from waltz to blues.

The program works with any General Midi compatible software and hardware device, including Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth available on all XP and Vista computers.

Find specific information on how to use A73 Piano Station in the following sections:

Master panel - mixing and recording
Lead panel - adjusting the lead instrument, arpeggios
Base panel - drum machine and accompaniment styles
Station menu - saving and loading workspaces
Record menu - saving and loading recordings