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1. No sound or low sound volume

Open the Volume Control window (Start Menu / Accessories / Entertainment / Volume Control). Verify the volume and mute controls corresponding to SW Synth.

If there is still no sound, select More Options from the Options menu of A73 Piano Station. Select Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth available on all XP and Vista computers (recommended) or choose another working midi device you may have installed.

2. Stopping the accompaniment does not stop every sound

This maybe due to arpeggios running with the Hold option activated. Turn off Hold for all tones (A, B, and C) in order to delete the arpeggios.

3. When pressing [Shift] several times a window pops up

This happens if you press the [Shift] key 5 times in a row. A Windows message appears informing you about StickyKeys. To change this, do the following:

Hit [Shift] 5 times in order to bring up the StickyKeys message. Click Settings. The Accessibility Options window appears. Click Settings in the StickyKeys panel. Another window appears. Uncheck Use shortcut.

4. Incorrect computer keyboard to piano keyboard assignment

Switch to English keyboard layout if it is installed on your system.

If no English keyboard layout is installed: Select Regional Settings in the Control Panel. Click on the Languages tab, then click on Details. In the new window click Add... and select an English keyboard layout.

5. Problem with simultaneous keystrokes

This is a hardware limitation of your PC keyboard. In any case, you should be able to play a melody line along with a bass line on any PC keyboard. However, for more advanced chord input a better PC keyboard (e.g. a suitable gaming keyboard) is needed.

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